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Our highly qualified professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in treating the following conditions:

  1. Adult Cerebral Palsy

  2. Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke)

  3. Parkinson’s Disease

  4. Multiple Sclerosis

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Marbles is dedicated to providing continuous support for its new and existing clients, when they change educational surroundings or after they leave school and reach adulthood. We find it very useful to take part in these transitions in order to help our adolescents and young adults settle into their new college or work environment.  We strongly believe in lifelong learning and we find it an honour to be a part of their journey towards reaching their full potential.


Apart from congenital conditions, therapists at Marbles are also able to work with patients with acquired diseases. Neurological conditions often occur at the most unexpected times, causing upheaval and making the person’s everyday activities challenging. While Parkinson ’s disease and Stroke (Cerebrovascular Accident) tends to be an illness of the elderly population, Multiple Sclerosis can be diagnosed in early adulthood.


In plenty of cases, these people only receive short term physical therapy and then they are left alone to learn to live with their altered mobility and communication skills, without any regular professional support to improve their condition.


Our services focus on holistic physical, emotional and educational techniques, teaching adults with neurological disorders how to reach and keep the maximum level of independence with their changed body awareness and abilities. Instead of the disease itself, we concentrate on the individual’s personality, aiming to find the best therapy approach for every single client.


Therapists at Marbles are highly trained professionals with extensive knowledge of anatomy, neurology and pedagogy. Therefore we are able to provide regular therapy sessions, inclusive of physical activities to keep and increase mobility and stamina, speech and language tasks to support people with aphasia (trouble with comprehending and/or formulating language) and fine motor activities to help with everyday challenges, like cooking, dressing, grooming, etc.


If you would like to receive more information or book an appointment for a first assessment, please get in touch on:

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