Flóra Baki 
Conductor - Early Years Teacher 

Where has your passion for Conductive Education and Physiotherapy come from?

My name is Flora, I am a Junior Conductor at Marbles Movement and Learning Ltd. I have always wanted to choose a vocation where I can support others in ways that few people can do. When I got acquainted with Conductive Education I knew this was what I’ve been looking for. I feel that every human being is a unique and perfect individual and their abilities are largely dependent on what we choose to see in them. I believe that people with special needs can be just as productive members of our society as any of us, and through Conductive Education we can help them achieve their goals and help them to be as independent as possible.


What makes Marbles the best choice?

​ Marbles Movement and Learning is a private practise that combines different therapies for the development of its clients.

With this combination, we strive to ensure that our clients are able to make the most of their independence in everyday life according to their abilities. We treat each of their goals as our own, since their success is also our success. In addition, we focus on our own development and broadening our horizons, and we are always looking for a new opportunity to expand our knowledge to further support our clients. When we believe in them, they will believe in themselves, which gives them a tremendous driving force.



​Professional background

I’ve graduated as a conductor – early years teacher in 2017. Through my college years I wanted to grab every opportunity to learn, so during summers I was a trainee in a Conductive Centre in Germany.  It’s very important for me to train myself to always become better, and in order to keep the quality of the therapy high lifelong learning is a must. Currently, my interests are in kinesiological taping.


Other courses I’ve completed:

NITA Kinesiology Tape Basic Course - 2016

Advanced Complex Kinesiological Tape Course - 2017

Joint Taping Workshop - 2017

Eating & Drinking for Children with Motor Disorders, Awareness Level - 2017

Paediatric First Aid - 2017

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