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Bella Csonka
Conductor - Teacher 

​My name is Bella, I am a Junior Conductor at Marbles Movement and Learning Ltd. I graduated as a conductor teacher at the Peto Institute in 2019.

After secondary school, I didn’t know exactly what to do, and then I heard about conductive education and I knew that this is what I want.


When I started my studies, I had the chance to meet and work with children with special needs which made me sure that I have found my profession. During my four years of training, I had been spending most of my time with school-aged children and I had the opportunity to deliver and support conductive programs.


Working at Marbles was the best decision that I have ever made after I finished my studies. The company gives me a chance to work with experienced therapists and also helps me build my confidence in my profession.

At Marbles, we help our clients live the most independent lives with the least amount of support. Conductive education involves all aspects of personality and develops different areas at the same time such as physical functioning, gross and fine motor movements, communication, cognitive development, social interactions, self-care activities.

What I like most about my job that I can help children and young adults to achieve their targets in small steps to became more independent day by day. There will always be challenges in my profession and in my clients' lives but every day is a new chance to solve them together. 

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