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Assessment is an integral part of our therapy process and services. It assists with the collection of essential information regarding the child’s abilities and special needs at any given point. It also determines the setting of appropriate goals as well as developing the individual therapy plan. Assessment affects decisions on placement, professional support required by the family and it provides a better understanding of the child’s condition and needs.


Marbles has a three step assessment process:


1. Initial contact: This is via email, submission of an online form or a telephone conversation with our service manager, Jitka Vick. It is an initial evaluation and decides the most appropriate next steps.


2. Consultation (free of charge): This meeting involves the parents / primary carers, the client and two therapists who observe all areas of development through age appropriate play and / or learning activities. They gather additional historical data regarding the development path to date and take photos and video footage (please find attached photo/video permission form) in order to support the case file which then forms the basis of therapy for the assigned consultant therapist.


3. Formal Assessment:  Held with the family and key therapists, this meeting determines the possible therapy options for your child. An in depth document is issued to the family containing a scheduled assessment reflecting the child’s needs. The report provides details on the child’s existing abilities as well as outlining the areas which are preventing progress. Finally, complex targets and therapy plans are provided to assist the child in achieving their full potential. 



Our multi-disciplinary team can provide supporting assessments for:

  • Annual Review Meetings

  • Education and Health Care Plans

  • Tribunals

  • School Applications

  • Orthopaedic Reviews

Our Consultations and Assessments take place at: St. Peter's Church, St Peter's Rd, Maidenhead SL6 7QU

Please feel free to contact for more information. 

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