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Haidee Vaughan Bywater

Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist

I am passionate in enabling children and young people to maximize their personal development , emotional exploration and functional independence across all aspect of their lives. Through active participation that both Conductive Education and Occupational Therapy provide, through facilitating self sufficiency, self motivation and determination, children learn to develop a self reliant personality engaging in activities with maximal independence.


I am a registered Occupational Therapist who has been working in paediatrics for 23 years, within a variety of community and educational settings.  My specialty is working with children with complex integrated sensory motor difficulties, with an in depth understanding of neurological impairment and sensory processing.   I have extensive experience of Sensory Integration, Bobath Therapy, and Conductive Education; and how they can influence the learning of independent skills.  I have implemented assessment of need, coordinated care packages and applied differentiated intervention programmes; whilst supporting families to maximise their child’s independence.



  • Parent Partnership – working closely with clients, family members, and care networks

  • Working with and facilitating learning  with children with neurological conditions, particularly cerebral palsy.

  • Developing skills of independence with children who have complex sensory motor difficulties; at home and within learning environments

  • Implementing sensory strategies within home and school settings

  • Experience in developing, coordinating and evaluating sibling support groups

  • Planning and provision of equipment, minor and major adaptations

  • Managing, training and  supervising  therapists, teachers and support workers

  • Coordinating communication between professional across settings

  • Extensive experience in postural management and seating

  • Experience in managing post operative therapy and care services

  • Successful partnership and coordination with staff with schools and other educational settings

  • Assessment and recommendation of suitable educational placements

  • Extensive experience in Statutory Assessments for Statements of Educational Need/EHCP

  • Expert witness at Special Educational nees Tribunals

  • Expert witness related to sensory motor function.

  • Management of intervention of children attending dual placements

  • Accessing funding  through statutory and private sectors

  • Practical support for parents managing behaviours related to sensory processing

  • Managing complex dynamics within support networks for clients with challenging behaviours associated with learning and/or sensory processing difficulties

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