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Anna Pankotay
Conductor - Early Years Teacher 

Where has your passion for Conductive Education come from?

​My name is Anna, I am a Junior Conductor at Marbles Movement and Learning Ltd.
I have always wanted to choose a profession, where I can support others. First, I wanted to be a psychologist then I came across about Conductive Education. I went to the Open Day at The International Peto Institute, and I instantly felt that this is what I really would like to do, and learn. This was the profession I was looking for.
I think there is a possibility in every people to evolve. With Conductive Education we can give them opportunities to bring the most out of themselves.


What makes Marbles the best choice?

Marbles Movement and Learning is a unique practice. Using different therapy methods we are approaching the clients from different perspectives, aiming to find the best method for every individual. Our final target is to support them in becoming independent and living a quality life.  If we believe in them they believe in themselves.
The company also supports all it's employees to develop their personal and professional skills. 


Professional background

I graduated as a conductor- early years teacher in 2017.
After graduation I worked in an integrated kindergarten, where I supported children with autism, Down- syndrome and Cerebral Palsy as well.

In the summer of 2012 I was volunteering at special needs camp. I worked with children with Down- syndrome, and autism.
 I am a volunteer worker in "Bátor Tábor" since 2016. This is a summer camp for severely ill and challenged children and their families.​

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