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Dévény Special manual technique – Gimnastic Method (in short: DSGM) was named after its creator, Anna Dévény and the two main areas of the method.

It is fundamentally different from other motor rehabilitation methods. Instead of forcing the unfeasible motions it is making the client able to complete the required movements. DSGM’s basic principle is: the movement controlling nervous system and the executing muscle system have the same significance.

DSGM has a unique examination method. It cures with the help of manual techniques, providing a holistic motor rehabilitation. It is aiming for the restitution of the physiological muscle state by loosening up the dysfunctional muscle – tendon – connecting tissue apparat.

The earlier the treatment begins with SMT, the more effective it is.


Areas DSGM can be used in:

  • Children with motoric delay

  • Prenatal postural abnormalities, which persist in the postnatal life (e.g.: torticollis)

  • Cerebral Paresis

  • Orthopaedic problems (e.g.: pes adductus, scoliosis, luxation coxae)


Our DSGM consultant, Petra Szabó is a Hungarian Trained Physiotherapist specialised in Paediatric Physiotherapy with more than a decade of experience in treating children. Petra is working in the Shrewsbury area at the moment. Please contact us if you need assistance to arrange a consultation with her.  

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