Gabriella Papp  
Leading Conductor - Teacher

My name is Gabriella and I am the Lead Conductor Therapist at Marbles Movement and Learning. I’ve always had a passion to interact with people and I wanted to choose a profession that made a difference. When I started my training at the Petö Institute, I knew I found what I was looking for. 5 years after completing my physiotherapy studies, I am confident in my abilities to support people with special needs to reach their full potential.


In addition, I enjoy different sports and this helps me to assist my clients lead an active lifestyle.


Marbles Movement and Learning is a private practise that focuses on the quality of its therapies. We learn new techniques in order to widen our knowledge and develop our skills. We are focused on each and every child or adults’ individual needs and we give everyone the full support without forgetting that our most important target is for our clients to reach the maximum level of independence. Instead of making our clients practice mechanical tasks, we put our exercises into a functional environment to make learning more fun and to support inner motivation to build an ’I can do’ attitude.


Professional background

I graduated as a conductor – teacher in 2011. During my 3rd year at college I decided to continue my studies and gained my physiotherapy degree in 2014. I believe that lifelong learning and continuously increasing my skillset is a crucial part of being a professional service provider. I am currently focused on scoliosis management.


Other courses I’ve completed:

  • Kinematic Taping – Functional Elastic Taping Introductory Module - 2013

  • AoFAQ Level 3 in Paediatric First Aid (QFC) - 2015

  • Modern Scoliosis Therapy part I and II – 2016

  • Three-Dimensional Scoliosis Therapy by Katharina Schroth - 2017

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