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Laurel Allen

Paediatric Specialist Speech & Language Therapist


I discovered my passion for Speech & Language Therapy whilst working in a Specialist Centre for children with complex needs upon graduating with B.A. Hons in Psychology in Canada. I recognized that the ability to communicate was fundamental and essential to connecting with the world, socially and educationally, despite all other challenges.  I subsequently dedicated my professional life to assisting children, with their families, to develop their potential to interact, communicate and express their personalities

The care, dedication and professionalism of the Marbles staff are intrinsic to their service.  Individualised treatment, utilizing various strategies and methodologies, based on thorough assessment of your child’s needs, are at the heart of the Marbles approach.

Consultant Speech & Language Therapy service, accessed as required, acknowledges the inherent link between communication and education in order to provide comprehensive, holistic treatment that is geared to enabling your child’s full potential and ortho-functional personality.

I have an Honours BA in Psychology and graduated with Masters degree in Human Communication Disorders from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, leading to certified registration as a Speech & Language Therapist.


I have over 25 years experience working with children with motor disorders.

I am certified in Neuro-Developmental Treatment (8-week NDT/Bobath) and have completed Intermediate Dysphagia and Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Advance feeding training, numerous Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) courses/workshops and most recently PROMPT, a tactile-kinesthetic approach for speech disorders.

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