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Melinda Meszaros

Conductor - Teacher

My name is Melinda Meszaros and I am a Conductor - Teacher at Marbles Movement and Learning Ltd. When I was at my first college I was sure that I wanted to continue my studies and I was looking for a profession whereby I could be beneficial to others. By studying conductor training at the Petö Institute in Budapest it was clear that this was the profession I was looking for and it quickly became my passion.

There are several different therapies available in UK but what makes conductive education special is its complex approach. It is the most efficient way to develop a variety of skills in both children and adults with special needs.

I have met many families and most of them find it difficult to travel for different therapies. At Marbles Movement and Learning we provide complex habilitation and rehabilitation at the clients’ home and/or in their school. It allows our clients to learn everyday skills in realistic situations, in their own environment. When we provide conductive education for children in their school we have the advantage of co-operating with their educators and other therapists and promote a more independent life for them. The parents are also very important in this multi-agency framework and they can be even more involved when we go to child’s home.

Professional background 

2016 – Nervous system maturity examiner (between age 5-10)

2015 - Neuro-hydro-therapist in early childhood intervention

2013 - Relaxation trainer – supplementary course for teachers (based on Autogenic Training and Psycho dramatic Method)

2013 - Massage therapist (Improving general physical condition – Swedish massage, Foot massage, stress reliever massage)

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