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Petra Szabo  

Dévény Therapist

International Schroth Therapist

My name is Petra Szabo, I’m a co- founder of Marbles Movement and Learning Ltd.

I gained my degree as a physiotherapist in Hungary, in 2001. I’ve always wanted a profession, where I can be in contact with other people, supporting them to live a quality life again after an illness or an injury.

In 2006 I gained my Deveny Therapist title and in the past year I became a special physiotherapist in Paediatric Rehabilitation, because working with infants and children was always the closest to my heart. Children have the passion and the nature for activities and as I lead an active and healthy lifestyle, I find it natural and exciting to work with them.

I found it essential to broaden my knowledge and acquire new techniques to provide the best service for my clients, so I’ve completed sensory treatment courses (INPP), Maitland Manual Therapy I. and Kinematic Taping.

I’ve recently became a Schroth Therapist, to support children and adults with postural problems and scoliosis.

Marbles Movement and Learning is the best choice for you and your child, because you can find different professionals working together to find the best treatment options and achieve the best possible results. Our team has a holistic approach, we personalise our sessions for every individual’s needs, instead of choosing only one method.

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