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Let us introduce our postural screening programme to you. This is a new service offered by Marbles Movement and Learning to make children and adults with postural problems aware of the issues present, and to provide advice and guideance regarding the available treatment options.


Why should we arrange a screening?

According to statistics between the age of 6-8 approximately 1 in a 1000 children is affected by mild scoliosis. This increases to 3 in a 1000 in the age group 9-11 and 1,2 in a hundred between the age of 12-14. This is clear evidence that early diagnosis helps to prevent the development of more serious postural complications in adolescence.


When should the screening start?

The earlier the better. Scoliosis and other postural anomalies can be diagnosed as early as infancy. Early diagnosis can improve chances of a better outcome using non- surgical treatment. As we are talking about the deformities of the vertebral column and the ribcage we have a limited time available. We have to address the problems before bone growth of the individual finishes and the bones lose their plasticity and flexibility.   


The screening procedure aims to spot the following spinal problems:

-      Deformities in the saggital plane: negligent posture, Scheuermann’s Disease, hyperlordosis

-      Deformities in the frontal plane - Scoliosis

o   Functional deformities

o   Structural deformities: idiopathic scoliosis, congenital scoliosis, neuromuscular scoliosis


How long is the screening procedure?

The screening normally takes only about 1-2 minutes for each individual.

What happens after the screening?

If an individual is suspected to be subject of any of the conditions mentioned above we invite him/her (and the parents) for an initial consultation where we carry out additional tests and we provide advice regarding further steps.  


What treatment options can Marbles offer?

Our specialised therapists offer the following services:

1.   Body awareness programme for classes

2.   Negligent posture management groups

3.   1:1 Schroth Therapy 


Please feel free to contact for more information. 

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