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Price List

INITIAL CONSULTATION (30 mins)           free of charge


FULL COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT (1.5 hours)                                 £150 (+VAT)

The goal of this assessment is to fully understand the child's condition to make sure the best approach will be used for therapy.

A brief report, therapy targets and plan is provided as part of this assessment. Also, the attendance of a Marbles' conductor at EHCP meeting is included in the price (please note the date of this meeting has to be mutually agreed in advance).

COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT (1 hour)                                                     £50 (+VAT)

The same as above but excluding report and EHCP meeting attendance.




Conductor / Teacher                                           £50 (+VAT) per hour

Head of Therapy- Conductor / Teacher                     £70 (+VAT) per hour

Marbles Director                                                    £90 (+VAT) per hour




Maidenhead area                                                              free of charge

Outside of Maidenhead, up to an hour         £0.45 per mile (+VAT)

Outside of Maidenhead, above an hour      £0.45 per mile plus £50 set time fee (+VAT)

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