Rebeka Vagi


I graduated from Pető Institute, Hungary in 2015 as a conductor-teacher and a year later I became a Basic Therapy therapist. From an early age I have always known this would be my chosen career. I was totally sure I wanted to be a conductor therapist and work with SEN children, so much so, that I only applied to the Pető Institute.


In Conductive Education we focus on the child’s actual abilities and we leverage these abilities to improve all other parts of their lives, because "You can't judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree."

I strongly believe that continuous learning is one of the most beneficial things a human can do - and Conductive Education is a life-long approach to learning. ​

Marbles Movement and Learning Ltd is the best choice for your child because all therapists are professionals with a varied knowledge base but we have the same vision and approach. Together we make an amazing, inspiring team! 

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