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As a result of the sedentary lifestyle adopted by children and adults during the last few decades, problems with the musculo - skeletal system are becoming more common. Incorrect posture is an issue among many children from an early age and it can eventually lead to structural deformities and chronic pain.


But “bad posture” is often caused by idiopathic diseases, rather than just the weakness of the muscles. Scoliosis (a sideways curvature of the spine) and Scheuermann’s disease (increased curve of the upper spine) are the two most common genetic disorders that can lead to postural problems among both children and adults.


In Scoliosis, the vertebrae slide to the side and rotate in accordance with each other, which leads to the deformity of the vertebrae, decreased mobility of the ribcage and as a result, a decrease in breathing volume.

What is the Schroth Method?

The Schroth Method was founded by a German woman, Katharina Schroth, who was suffering from Scoliosis. She experimented on herself in front of a mirror, attempting to redefine her spine by “breathing away” the deformities of her own trunk. She also tried specific corrective movements and recognized that postural control could only be achieved by changing postural perception.


The Schroth Method is a conservative, three dimensional approach aimed at decreasing dysfunctional curvatures of the spine. Three dimensional means treating the rotation of vertebras (rib hump) as well as the lateral curve of the spine. Dividing the trunk into three different sections, it works using specialised, asymmetric exercises and breathing techniques to achieve the best results for every individual.


The Schroth-therapist provides individual exercises for use both during the session and at home, to elongate, de-rotate and de-flex the affected areas of the spine with active muscle work. By practising the active correction of the affected area through breathing, elongation and muscle straining, body awareness, faulty posture and breathing volume can be improved. 

The Schroth Method intends to prevent further deterioration, decrease the abnormal curve of the spine and to stabilize the corrected posture using the muscles. Regular treatment can lead to permanent correction.


Who would benefit from Schroth?

The Schroth Method is effective for treating patients of ALL AGES. The various exercises can be adapted to the needs of each individual and the mobility and ability of every patient.

For younger children (3 -7yrs) we use Schroth elements combined with games in playful activities. As progress continues therapy gets more advanced, using the classical Schroth Method to reach the maximum level of correction during the development of the skeletal system, while the bones are still flexible.


During adulthood, after bone development has finished, the method is still effective in pain management, post-operative treatment and discernible correction, even if the skeletal system is rigid. 

Marbles has included the Schroth Method in the variety of therapies offered and our professionals have been fortunate to learn from one of the best Schroth therapists, Krisztina Horváth. We are ready to help anyone who would like to develop their posture and address or prevent any of the abnormal curvatures of the spine.

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