Szabina Törjék
Conductor - Early Years Teacher 

Where has your passion for Conductive Education come from?

​My name is Szabina, I am a Junior Conductor therapist at Marbles Movement and Learning.
I’ve heard about Conductive Education for the first time when I was fifteen and I decided that I would like to become a Conductor one day. In the beginning I had no idea how complex and great it would be, however when I started my college studies in Pető Institute I knew that I’ve found my profession. I’ve chosen a job which could be my passion for a lifetime.

Active and healthy life is important for me and I would like to utilize it through my everyday job to help our clients living a quality life as well.​


What makes Marbles the best choice?

​I believe, that  Marbles Movement and Learning keeps the original sense of the Conductive Education and gives a complex perspective  how to incorporate it with other therapies efficiently. Furthermore, it gives the opportunity to its therapists to develop their skills to widen their knowleges.

As a Junior Conductor, the Company helps me to gain confidence in supporting our clients the best possible way. At Marbles, we’re focusing on the individual needs of our children and adults to help them reaching the maximum level of their independence through functional exercises. During the therapy, we’re focusing on developing their life skills to make everyday life easier.


Professional background

​In 2015 I’ve made voluntary work at a Social Foundation and I’ve worked with children with autism and severely challenged youngsters and adults.

During my college study, I was working with children with complex needs as a carer.

I’ve graduated as a conductor – early years teacher in 2017. ​


Other courses I’ve completed:

NITA Kinesiology Tape Basic Course – 2016

Advanced Complex Kinesiology Tape Course- 2017

Joint Taping Workshop- 2017

Company training:

Awareness level -Eating & Drinking Course for Children with Motor Disorder- 2017

Paediatric First Aid Course - 2017

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