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Dr Lara Rowlands BM DRCOG MRCGP, mother of Bethan

Apr 14, 2017

I would like to recommend Marbles to any other parent who wants to feel they are giving their child the best opportunity to overcome their neurological disability. My husband & I are both doctors but felt limited with what the NHS could offer our daughter Bethan who has CP Marbles has provided fantastic all round therapy treating the child rather than just her physical disability. 

The staff are diligent highly qualified and caring. They also have a great sense of humour allowing my daughter to enjoy her sessions. 

Fiona Greenhow, mother of Holly:

Apr 14, 2017

Holly is 11 and has been working with various Conductors from' Marbles Movement & Learning' for over 2.5 years; we have supported Conductive Education as a therapy since Holly was a year old.   The Conductors visit Holly weekly at school in term time where they work with the school staff to develop a plan that fits in with the Curriculum and helps with Holly's physical needs and also join Holly at home in the holidays for block sessions; these are ideal as the longer sessions are beneficial for her physical development.

I find it positive that Holly now has a good relationship for more than one Conductor which means we have more choices over holidays for her block sessions.

CatherineAnn Hewitt, mother of  Chloe:

May 09, 2017

My daughter Chloe has benefitted from conductive education since she was three. It has become a way of life for us.  We were thrilled when Krisztina launched Marbles Movement with the conductive team being assigned to Chloe.  Conductive education has positively impacted Chloe’s concentration, posture, her speech and overall confidence. In addition to this, such is the breadth of knowledge that has now been mutually shared, that Chloe’s conductor has attended vital hospital appointments with us and been able to give expert information to consultants and specialists. This great, trusted relationship has resulted in Chloe being given the best possible opportunity for her to reach her potential.  Conductive is unlike any other therapy and I would urge parents to consider Marbles Movement as a positive route to guide their child reach their goals and potential.

Zana de Courcy - Ireland , mother of Nicole:

Apr 26, 2017

Our daughter has been receiving physio from the Marbles team for over 6 months the long-term improvement in our daughter’s condition and well being has been very impressive. 

The Marbles team are very friendly, warm and easy to contact. 

The feedback after each session is really meaningful and helpful.

All in all, a very personal and professionally tailored  service.

Would highly recommend.

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