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We are excited to announce our Summer camp for youngsters  in the beautiful Italian province, Tuscany in August.

What to expect in a week:
We have planned and prepared amazing activities for you
•Sightseeing tours: Florence or Sienna or Pisa ( TBC)
•Strolls and walks around the hills of the countryside and in the small towns
•Photography sessions by a professional photographer
•Cooking classes: We are not just prepare the meal but buy the best ingredients on the
markets of towns, and cook it together for dinner
•Aqua fitness: for the water lovers and it is necessary anyway in the boiling weather
•Art classes: let’s visit the famous galleries to see their work to get the inspiration for your
•Dance classes and practice: in our special evening events
•Special responsibilities: buy train tickets by yourself, order food, eating out in a cafe or
restaurant, book and collect your tickets to museums. . .


Our days in general:
•Wake up, morning routine
•Therapy sessions
•Morning activities pre-planned
•Afternoon break
•Late afternoon activities

In our camp, the main aim is for youngsters to master and implement their skills in the new environment learn to cope with new situations by developing their problem solving skills and gain independence throughout the week. We will provide short therapy sessions as preparations for the whole day activities and without doubt, they will be incredibly challenging and fun.
We are going to stay in a Villa near Florence which provides us a not only a beautiful environment but an opportunity to interact and socialise with other youngsters as well.


Date: 4th-11th of August

Arrival: If you require support to get to Florence or pick up at the airport, please let us know in advance as it may apply extra charges.
Please book your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

To reduce the expenses, we are organising a fundraising event to make this summer camp
accessible for everyone.

More information about fundraising, please contact:
Rita Alfoldi:
In the meantime, if you have any question about the camp, please feel free to contact us via email:
Krisztina and Rita


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