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Zsuzsanna Farago


TSMT Therapist *

As a grammar school student I was not sure whether I wanted to work with children or to be a physiotherapist. Having experienced different working environments I was given a chance to spend a day in one of the nursery groups at the Pető Institute in Budapest, Hungary.

I found it fascinating and decided to train as a conductor. I felt that Conductive Education combined all I wanted to do. It was extremely important for me to spend time with children, get to know them and connect with them in all sorts of situations as well as to help their development in different areas.

In addition, working closely with my colleagues at Marbles and feeling part of a close knit team, means a lot to me. 

Marbles has a very professional, caring and open-minded team.

We treat each child holistically and tailor our programmes to combine education and different therapies.

Our aim is to help children reach their full potential, applying learning strategies which enable them to be as independent as possible in all areas of their lives.

Motivation, active participation of children, well-planned sessions, consistency, empathy, fun and care are all characteristics of the Marbles approach. 

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